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Program Overview

BRIDGE School of Management

BRIDGE School of Management

Northwestern University School of Professional Studies is proud to partner with the BRIDGE School of Management. The BRIDGE School of Management addresses India’s "education-employment mismatch" by equipping working professionals with skills and practical knowledge of real business value for a global workplace. For Northwestern University's domestic Business Analytics Certificate Program, click here.

BRIDGE Programs

Business Analytics for Decision Makers

This program is geared to decision makers and leaders who need to understand the strategic value that business analytics can bring to an organization. Students will learn what analytics is and what it can and can’t do; how to build the skills to implement it; how to integrate it into other strategic processes; how to gather data across multiple sources including supply chains, POS systems, customer interactions, and market research activities; and how to make strategic decisions based on results of analysis.

Visit the Business Analytics for Decision Makers program page.

Postgraduate Program in Data Science, Design and Visualization

The Postgraduate Program in Data Science, Design and Visualization aims to train students for a successful career in business analytics, across a range of functions. The hands-on program ensures end-to-end, application-oriented learning and execution of concepts essential in the industry.

Visit the Postgraduate Program in Data Science, Design and Visualization program page.

Postgraduate Program in Digital Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing landscape continues to accelerate at breakneck speed and marketers of all types are faced with new challenges and opportunities on a daily basis. It is an essential business practice for businesses to reach, engage and interact with their target audience and customer base.

Visit the Postgraduate Program in Digital Marketing Strategy program page.

Predictive Business Analytics Professional Development Certificate

This certificate program, offered through a partnership between the Bridge School of Management and Northwestern University School of Professional Studies, gives students a comprehensive and practical understanding of the predictive analytics process to harness the power of big data and analytics and gain valuable business insights applicable across a wide range of industries. This program is intended for working professionals who are using--or wish to use--predictive analytics at a variety of levels and working in industries such as financial services, banking, insurance, marketing, health care, logistics, e-commerce and many others. The program will be of great benefit to students who wish to distinguish themselves across a broad range of employment opportunities.

Visit the Predictive Business Analytics program page.

Project Management for Practitioners

Designed for project team members, part-time project managers and professionals, this 3-day course provides a detailed examination of the fundamental processes of project management and meets the 23 contact hour training requirements for PMI®'s Certified Associate Project Manager (CAPM®) exam. Using lectures, case studies, discussions and individual and group exercises, participants will learn how to apply the 5-Process Groups of Project Management to projects which are; initiating, planning, execution, monitor/control, and closeout. This will include an emphasis on determining how to meet customer/client needs, communication and negotiation.

Visit the Project Management for Practitioners program page.

Project Management for Managers

This 12-week blended program introduces best practices in project management, covering the full project life cycle with a focus on globally accepted standards. It reviews traditional methods, including: integration, portfolio and stakeholder management, chartering, scope definition, estimating, the Delphi method and project evaluation and review technique, precedence diagramming and the critical path method, scheduling, risk analysis and management, resource loading and leveling, Gantt charts, earned value analysis and performance indices of project cost/schedule control systems criteria. It shows how the project management maturity model, team development, and principles of negotiation apply to organizations of various types: hierarchical and matrix organizations, international teams, and virtual teams. Using methods and models from this course, predictive analytics managers should experience greater project definition and structure and be able to execute projects more effectively.

Visit the Project Management for Managers program page.

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